The payroll product targets employees working with both private and public companies. Though these individuals are employed and receive a salary, they find it difficult to access short term credit to finance their need for consumption or to acquire assets. This product is mainly to support such short term needs like school fees, acquisition of simple assets like Televisions, Cookers, and Chairs. It’s strictly a bridge finance Loan..

Main benefits

  • Flexible repayment period of 6-48 months
  • Loan processed in one day
  • Top-up loan available
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No penalty charges on Early repayments


Basic requirements

  • The Client should be a salary earner
  • Banks Statement and or Payslip for the past 3 months.
  • Letter of undertaking from the Employer
  • At least two guarantors who earn salary and one of them should be a work-mate
  • Identity card issued by the employer is a MUST
  • Copy of Employee Appointment letter or Work Contract
  • Client Identification, e.g; National I.D, Passport, Driving Permit
  • CRB report (Clients with Financial Cards


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